Anxiety Blog Post Eight

Hypnotherapy for Anxieties and Panic attacks.

For many sufferers, the problems may seem impossible to overcome and so those who have used Hypnotherapy over the decades can feel assured that the strength of their subconscious mind can alleviate and in the majority of cases eliminate the malady completely.

You see the greater majority of sufferers were born with a positive outlook and frame of mind to overcome life’s challenges However due to negative influences in our daily lives sometimes the subconscious can be overwhelmed from the environment, personalities and upsets we encounter as we travel through life. At that moment our subconscious wishes us to escape from the “dangers “it perceives as one of its functions is to aid our survival. So when your subconscious sees a lion running towards you it will instantly speed your heart rate, increase your lung capacity, rush adrenalin through your body and mind to get you away from that lion or car which could harm you  Hence this is called a panic attack and the mind is just doing its work to keep you out of danger.

Now fortunately not many of us meet a lion in our daily lives but the mind is always ready for any situation if potential danger abounds. That is very fine but at times the subconscious may be irrational and so we need to tell it that being frightened if we see a neighbours cat need not cause a panic attack. So if you are scared shall we say of thunderstorms or loud noises the mind needs to be taught that rain and bangs do not mean your life is in danger and so no need for the fight or flight response.

This is where hypnotherapy is so successful over the years with thousands of anxious clients now able to live their lives in peace and worry-free.

I guide the client into Hypnosis where they hear all that is said and then their subconscious becomes rational and realises that (for example ) I can fly in an airplane without undue fears and therefore can enhance my life by making flying enjoyable.

So why not try a free initial consultation to learn even more of the benefits of Hypnosis to overcome all anxieties and panic attacks?

I hope you have found these eight blogs useful and informative.


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Anxiety Blog Post Seven


This remedy is free and practiced daily hydrates mind and therefore can reduce anxieties

We all know that water is good for the body, but some medical experts now believe that water-not just fluid-id essential to our health and well-being. Dr. Freydoon Batmanghelidj, who trained at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London, argues that dehydration is at the root of many common diseases such as asthma, blood pressure, angina pain, backache, diabetes, colitis and stomach ulcers. Water can also help you lose weight, lower stress levels and boost energy. His research began when he was imprisoned for nearly three years during the Iranian revolution. In his role as a medical officer for 3,000 fellow prisoners, he had almost no medicines and used drinking water to treat a variety of ailments. The results were so impressive that, when the authorities gave him his freedom, he stayed on for a few months to finish his research.

The body is made up of 75 percent water. We lose nearly six pints every day through breathing, perspiration and in urine though some are replaced by the water in our food.

Amanda Wynne nutritional scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation says “most people simply forget to drink, It’s especially important to replace lost fluid in hot weather or when you’ve been exercising”.

So what happens when we drink too little water? The hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients that are carried in the flow of water to vital organs aren’t fully activated and so can’t work properly. Feeling tired is one symptom of lack of water as the body struggles on limited supplies. Heartburn and indigestion occur because there’s insufficient

Most people just forget to drink water to digest food. High blood pressure results when the blood vessels constrict to compensate for a fall in blood volume. As the brain consists of 85 percent water, the concentration may also be affected.

Dr Batmanghelidj thinks that our thirst mechanism has become blunted, so we often confuse thirst with hunger and eat when our body really craves water.

We should aim to drink a minimum of six to eight cups of water a day. But anyone with heart disease, blood pressure problems, asthma, diabetes or people taking medication or under medical supervision should get medical advice before increasing their intake. “The best times to drink water are to have one glass half an hour before a meal and a similar amount two and a half hours after” says the doctor, who also recommends adding a daily dose of half a teaspoon of sea salt to help your body retain the water.

“Alcohol, coffee, tea, and colas don’t count as water because they are diuretics: the body expels more water than it takes in. One sign of dehydration is dark urine – it should be almost colourless to a light yellow”.


Just how easy it is to drink the recommended dose-two liters of water a day? One volunteer tried it for a week. “For the first two days, the only difficulty I had was remembering to do it. After that, it was more of a struggle. On days four to seven, I could only manage 1.5 liters. In the latter part of the week, I felt very full and urinated five times a day instead of my usual three.

I also found I was drinking less coffee (usually four mugs a day) and alcohol (three units). I think the trick is to give water priority, rather than trying to add it to your normal liquid intake. Unfortunately, that didn’t occur to me until the end of the week! Seven days probably isn’t long enough to see any real benefits, so I’ll try again, but for a bit longer next time”. Mineral water chilled with a slice of lemon or lime or lime appeals to a lot of my clients.


Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy Wiltshire

Anxiety Blog Post Six

Multivitamins and minerals

Since the 1950s farmers and growers have struggled to make a decent living and endeavoured to increase the yields from their farms. Less good hummus has been put on the land and so nutrients have been lessened. Add to that. Processing of foods has meant the removal of so many essential vitamins and minerals in favour of large crops which has meant the food we eat is losing a lot of its goodness to ensure a healthy intake of essentials to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Now you may say “I eat well and only organic food as recommended by Government bodies” but do you know what your body may be lacking? If you eat a lot of yogurt, eggs or cream it may be that these acidic foods can cause a reduction in your Magnesium levels which can raise anxiety issues. Now while you may be replete in vitamin D I may be low in Magnesium.

So I and my family have taken a good Vitamin and Mineral appropriate to the age group for decades now and I am sure that while I may have lots of Vitamin C within my body whatever I may be lacking has been fortified by my intake of a daily small pill, So if I am feeling nervous about some problem perhaps my reserves of Vitamin B have risen to lessen my nervousness.

We also take an Omega 3 capsule for healthy joints and clear thinking.

If you have any doubts do discuss this with your Doctor.

Next, a free way to clear your mind.


Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy Wiltshire

Anxiety Blog Post Five

5 Be aware of what you eat

Years ago I coined a phrase—” We become what we eat ” and this is most certainly true when it comes to promoting a healthy mind and body.

Research has shown that those who eat junk foods over a protracted period are likely to sustain digestive problems and mood instability which can lead to unwell feelings and increase anxieties that all is not well in your life. At times of worry and panics, this is the last thing you need.

I am not lecturing you on any specific food but while we can all eat a takeaway from time to time do bear in mind that while the majority have ingredients to attract they can also have a negative effect by overloading with excess additives which can cause health issues. As I write I have just heard of the youth who ate nothing else but a well-known take away and has now lost his sight. Of course, we all will recall what caused the premature demise of the famous pop star years ago.

So if you can limit junk foods and give your body a healthy treat with fruit you enjoy and vegetables each week you will be surprised how your digestion can improve your calmness of mind.

Worried about the cost?  Buy one apple and with what that has cost you compare it to a bag of salted crisps!

Next, I will explain a foolproof way to enhance your health of mind and body.

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Anxiety Blog Post Four

Make time to exercise.

I’m too busy, I don’t feel too well, I’m tired, it’s too late, the weathers bad. We can always find an excuse.

It isn’t everyone’s favourite subject, but before you’re tempted to gloss over this section, let me tell you how exercise and your confidence are linked. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain and these, in turn, raise your mood, self-esteem, and confidence. Being fir helps us to become happier so you need to find a form of exercise that you enjoy and can fit into your routine. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

It could be anything from taking a walk each day, going on a bike ride or for a swim. Whatever you choose, taking time away from work, especially if it mostly involves being in an office and sitting at a desk, gives you a much-needed break. If you’re not an exercise fan, fit short bursts of exercise into your day by walking up the stairs, gardening, parking your car further away from the office or train station and going for a walk at lunchtime. If you can find a companion to accompany you this will also mitigate anxieties and make the journey more enjoyable.

Following my suggestions, several of my clients have joined the Ramblers with great success to get rid of worries.

A doctor I know has reduced the practice drug bill by prescribing exercise and not medication

It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or octogenarian, an athlete or in a wheelchair, working or retired, pleasurable exercise will improve your health and more likely help you live longer.

However, In particular, you will reduce anxieties and mitigate the effects of panics

How food can help.


Anxiety Blog Post Three

Anxiety 3.

Control your thinking. Easier said than done I hear you say! Well if you can concentrate on a specific moment from your life then this will move your subconscious from the traumatic thoughts and relieve the panic.

I teach all my clients the ability to direct their thinking and therefore their emotions onto a special moment in their history. It may be from your childhood or even latterly, perhaps some major happy event, or a person who has brought you great joy or said something which lifted you. Recall every part of that moment, where you were, who you were with, what did you see, how did you feel. See it again, feel the happy emotions, paint a graphic and detailed memory.  Live that moment again.

Whenever I need to deeply focus my thoughts away from a negative environment I immediately find a comfortable place preferably quite and spend a few moments re-visiting  a beautiful cove  and island on the west coast of Wales ,Always a beautiful blue sky, Snowdon in the far distance, gulls calling ,sea sparkling and a warm atmosphere with nothing to disturb the tranquillity. I am concentrating solely on that special moment 20 years ago and soaking up all the positives and calming my mind.

Some practice yoga , others meditation, but whatever you call this time it can have such a great benefit .to mind and body and push away traumatic thoughts and panics.

Next, I will elaborate upon a free and successful way to raise your level of mental fitness.

Anxiety Blog Post Two

2. Practice deep relaxation.

One of the great things I like about my job is that I teach everyone deep relaxation which once learned can enhance their daily lives and may even extend their life.

This is particularly true to help eliminate anxieties and defuse panic situations.

Endeavor to find a place that is most comfortable for you with your body supported well although for some it may even be standing up perhaps leaning against something supportive.

Then start to tense your body progressively starting from your toes and up to your ankles. Hold this tension for ten seconds or so then deliberately relax the toes and feet. Then proceed to your calf muscles and repeat. Continue through your body each section at a time while taking those deep breaths talked of last time. You may find it useful to exhale at the same time as releasing the muscles. Please do not rush this and you may find it useful to wait 10 to 20 seconds between each muscle group When you have worked through every part of your body part your lips slightly and unclench your teeth. The jaw is where tension and stress accumulate so by relaxing that, will, in turn, relax your cheeks, eyes, and temples.

Once your body has assimilated this process it will automatically start the relaxation habit and you are then able to feel stress and tension flowing from your body and mind.

Next time we will concentrate on your thoughts.

Anthony Wilson.

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Anxiety Blog Post One

As I promised earlier I would pass on to you some tips which I teach all Anxiety clients.

1. Be aware of your breathing.

Now if you are suffering at this moment you may notice that your breathing is erratic and no doubt you feel that it is out of control and along with your heart beating frantically you are panicking to know what is happening to you So now STOP ——- and control your breathing by starting a deep breath from the depths of your stomach and feeling that float up into your diaphragm, lower lungs, middle lungs and up into the top of your lungs. Then expel all this deep breath again slowly down through your body right into your stomach before repeating the action once again slowly and deeply. It is essential that you repeat this until your body calms down relaxing your diaphragm and then eventually your whole nervous system.

In Yoga, we are taught to inhale through our nose and exhale through our mouth and although you may find this uncomfortable at first, eventually you will calm your nervous system and your entire body

Next blog I will talk about practical ways to relax you.

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