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Please continue to read this post, then get in contact to arrange your account with me. So many have been affected by the Pandemic that little wonder we are now a population full of anxieties, panics, traumas, and feeling isolated with no one to turn to. With this in mind I am offering a confidential …

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Online hypnosis Wiltshire

Hypnotherapy online from my practice in Wiltshire. Despite  practising Hypnotherapy for 30 years face to face, the lockdown restrictions have caused me to offer online hypnosis for all manner of conditions, including weight loss, stopping smoking to all those suffering at this time but at a distance  via online chats,  Zoom, Whats App or telephone. …

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What is Tremophobia? People often ask me if phobias can be cured in just one session as is claimed by several dubious therapists. Very rarely does this occur and it is normally due to a person’s innate ability to embrace hypnosis, and without any or little preamble, go into a deep hypnotic state, wherein a …

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What are multiphobias?

MULTIPHOBIAS Phobias fall into four categories: fear of specific objects, i.e. snakes or dogs; situations, i.e. in a dark room or a car; fear of illnesses, i.e. Aids or cancer; multiples of various fears. On this occasion, I will tell you of multiples and give you a case history. Michael (as I shall call him) …

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Ignatia, is a very well known homoeopathic remedy and once which is worth having in any first aid kit. The remedy is made from the seeds of the St Ignatius bean plant which was first introduced into Europe from the Far East by Spanish Jesuits in the 17th century. People needing IGNATIA are usually in …

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Phonophobia or the fear of public speaking. Most professional therapists operate under the umbrella of a reputable national organisation and are, therefore, bound by a set of Rules and Guidelines to protect their clients from malpractice or wrongdoing. The main body for Hypnotherapy is the Hypnotherapy Association and they are a strictly disciplined and ethical …

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Indirect aggression

This behaviour often results from the fear that exists within our culture of being openly aggressive. Indirect aggression is often seen as the softer option, but in fact its effort can be just as devastating, involving the manipulation of others, through guilt and emotional blackmail. Whereas being the victim of open regression can be linked …

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Do not look for it outside you will not find it. Look for it inside, and you will find it. Everything you need and want is inside you That is your life What would it be really like if we are free Not subject to pain or doubts Take pride in your life What we …

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Do it now!

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Anthony Wilson Yours in good health, Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy Wilshire