Confidence Building


Practice Mindfulness as a part of your daily routine. You know how mindfulness is often recommended by all sorts of people – doctors, self-help experts, writers? They suggest it can help us improve our mental well-being. Mostly, they talk about its long-term benefits, like becoming more aware and present. But guess what? Mindfulness can also

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From The Hypnotists Chair is Anthony Wilson’s third book and available now. Anthony Wilson’s latest book is about Hypnotherapy and tells of a sad event in his life which eventually brought him to becoming a renowned Hypnotherapist. It details all the history of how hypnotherapy  started hundreds of years ago and answers many questions about

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Phonophobia or the fear of public speaking. Most professional therapists operate under the umbrella of a reputable national organisation and are, therefore, bound by a set of Rules and Guidelines to protect their clients from malpractice or wrongdoing. The main body for Hypnotherapy is the Hypnotherapy Association and they are a strictly disciplined and ethical

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