Anxiety Blog Post Eight

Hypnotherapy for Anxieties and Panic attacks.

For many sufferers, the problems may seem impossible to overcome and so those who have used Hypnotherapy over the decades can feel assured that the strength of their subconscious mind can alleviate and in the majority of cases eliminate the malady completely.

You see the greater majority of sufferers were born with a positive outlook and frame of mind to overcome life’s challenges However due to negative influences in our daily lives sometimes the subconscious can be overwhelmed from the environment, personalities and upsets we encounter as we travel through life. At that moment our subconscious wishes us to escape from the “dangers “it perceives as one of its functions is to aid our survival. So when your subconscious sees a lion running towards you it will instantly speed your heart rate, increase your lung capacity, rush adrenalin through your body and mind to get you away from that lion or car which could harm you  Hence this is called a panic attack and the mind is just doing its work to keep you out of danger.

Now fortunately not many of us meet a lion in our daily lives but the mind is always ready for any situation if potential danger abounds. That is very fine but at times the subconscious may be irrational and so we need to tell it that being frightened if we see a neighbours cat need not cause a panic attack. So if you are scared shall we say of thunderstorms or loud noises the mind needs to be taught that rain and bangs do not mean your life is in danger and so no need for the fight or flight response.

This is where hypnotherapy is so successful over the years with thousands of anxious clients now able to live their lives in peace and worry-free.

I guide the client into Hypnosis where they hear all that is said and then their subconscious becomes rational and realises that (for example ) I can fly in an airplane without undue fears and therefore can enhance my life by making flying enjoyable.

So why not try a free initial consultation to learn even more of the benefits of Hypnosis to overcome all anxieties and panic attacks?

I hope you have found these eight blogs useful and informative.


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