Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy Wiltshire

Voted one of the top ten Hypnotherapists in Britain.

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Stress consultant, hypnotherapist councillor, weight loss and more…

Someone you can trust

With nearly 30 years experience, we assure you can put your trust in us to succeed.


Highly recommended

Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy was voted one of the Top 10 Hypnotherapists in the UK.

Overall problem solver

Anthony Wilson has one of the very best success rates in the country. Learn more now.


Let us introduce ourselves…

Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy is located in Wiltshire and covers Westbury, Warminster, Frome and Trowbridge.

Our hypnotherapist has a consulting room in Warminster but also sees clients from Westbury, Frome and Trowbridge.

For Hypnotherapy in Wiltshire this is the best place to help with your issues and underlying problems.

Anthony has been in practice for over a quarter of a century and has been voted among the top 10 hypnotherapists in the UK by The Independent and The Hypnotherapy Association.


How it all came to be…

Following several traumas in Anthony’s life and being a single parent to two children, he is well placed to offer extended empathy and understanding of clients’ problems and well-being. 

Anthony has also seen and identified the rise in Social Anxiety and Depression in recent years and has treated thousands of clients from 3-94 years of age.

Easy appointments

You can get an appointment within seconds. We know we can help you and overcome the hardest of situations. It only takes one call to see a clearer future.

Recorded sessions

All of your sessions can be recorded on a CD available for you to then proceed to with self-hypnosis and to monitor what has been discussed.

Highly professional

Anthony Wilson has been treating clients for nearly 30 Years. His experience is like no other.

Nearly 30 years experience

Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy has been helping clients for nearly 30 years and has excellent expertise and knowledge in getting you results.

Our performance speaks for itself

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Over 85% success rate

Success speaks volumes – read our reviews

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Of happy clients

Nearly 30 years of helping clients significantly improve their lives

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confidence and trust

Complete confidentiality and trust is assured

Member of The Hypnotherapy Association

Member of The Hypnotherapy Association

The Hypnotherapy Association is one of the leading hypnosis organisations supporting hypnotherapists in practice in the UK. Established in 1997 and representing more than four hundred therapists, you can be sure to find a properly qualified hypnotherapist to meet your needs, wherever you are in the UK.