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This is a review for my husband, who sought Anthony’s help to overcome phobias of needles and injections. My husband was at first wasn’t very confident that this form of treatment would work, but after suffering with these phobias for years was desperate for help. As the treatment began, the initial appointment was to see if my husband was suitable for the treatment. To my husbands surprise he was able to engage with Anthony and very quickly was able to enter a hypnotic state. What he learnt very quickly is hypnosis is not like what they show on the television! They don’t wave a timepiece in front of your then face, whisper some magic words then all of a sudden you could be prancing around the room like a chicken! It feels more like assisted meditation, where the individual enters a very deep state of relaxation, where the hypnotist can influence the sub-conscious mind. Within a couple of weeks we noticed a difference in my husbands moods and emotions. He was very much more relaxed and able to deal with situations easier. He was more confident and things that used to bother him didn’t any more. As his treatment progressed he sport improved! He plays rugby, he told me he felt more focused and able to read the game better. All these things were side effects, he didn’t go to Anthony for these changes or improvements, he just wanted to be able to deal with his phobia. Slowly he was able to watch injections on the television without feeling uncomfortable, he no longer felt vulnerable when he went to the hospital, something that previously he used to dread. Anthony’s treatments have proved to be invaluable. With the weekly consultations you will also receive an audio recording that you will have to listen to daily until the next consultation. My husband had his on CDs which he still uses on occasions to help deal with different challenges. For instance he has one CD that just focuses on relaxation so it is good to listen to after a stressful day and he has another CD that focuses on building confidence, which he uses before a big game. Overall we are thrilled with Anthony’s services, he has changed my husband from sceptic to a person with an open mind! Would recommend to all who are looking for change of mental state.Becky SmithMarch 28, 2020
I found Anthony Wilson by chance at a time when I was struggling with a long term health issue and I had just about reached the end of my tether. I contacted Anthony and went to see him at the practice in Warminster. I took to him straightaway and felt this was the person who could help me. He was very kind but professional and took a very detailed history of my life. He agreed to take me on and there followed sessions specifically tailored to my needs. After only a few weeks my health started to improve and I became stronger, healthier, happier and more positive. I have just finished my course with him and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I would recommend him 100%.Alice “Rosie”December 1, 2019
Mr Wilson is a kind caring man who genuinely cares about his patients! He has helped me so much with all aspects of my life & even though he has left Wales - he is still checking up on me! It is a pleasure to spent time with & chat to him. Highly recommend xGraham PearceAugust 5, 2019
My Son was having real anxiety issues after starting secondary school. Anthony gave him the confidence to believe he could overcome his worries and he has. He is so confident and happy now it is hard to believe it ever happen. Thank you so much Anthony.Green WarmthFebruary 2, 2019
IN my experience with hypnotherapy , it helped me a grat deal in overcoming the many issues that life brings . over the time I was seeing Anthony the sessions was professional and helpful . it was hard work getting through the emotional stages but it paid off . Would definately recommend this course of action .Anthony Wilson is the hypnotist I would recommend . Thank youlinda thomasJanuary 26, 2019
Anthony was amazing, without his help I would be no where near when I am today. His calm guidance pointed me in the right direction and gave me the confidence to believe the difficult time I was experiencing was not insurmountable, I was skeptical about hypnotherapy but just after one session I became a firm believer! I would recommend Anthony within a heartbeat!!Nigel AllenJuly 8, 2018
Through experiencing hypnotherapy with Anthony, i managed to find myself again after becoming very lost within my life. As soon as I walked through the door and spoke to him, i immediately felt a lot more relaxed and felt comfortable knowing that he really did want to help. I will never forget how much he has helped me, and feel confident that he will continue to help many others in any way possible. Even now after going through hypnotherapy and continuing my life filled with a lot more confidence and happiness, I always know that i can return to my CD's and that he is only a phone call away!Meg SpiersJuly 6, 2015
I am absolutely awed by treatment I have had with Anthony. It has turned my life around, giving me much needed confidence, a life changing experience. And money well spent. The treatment was priceless. I will ever be thank full and indebted and will ever praise his work. Naomi Snookes. SwanseaN SnookesMay 13, 2015
Mr Anthony Wilson is one of the nicest people I/we know he saved my husbands life this would be approximately 20 years ago my husband was exhausted, overworked and could not relax he had dreadful pains in his head and thought he had a tumor with the help of Mr. Wilson and the relaxation tapes my husband had somewhere to go for comfort and they pulled him through. My first conversation with Mr. Wilson I will never forget I was desperate, his was very helpful and very caring and the only person who came back to me, my husband had complete faith in him and both of us still use the relaxation tapes to this day and we have always stayed in touch, thank you again Mr. WilsonTony EvansApril 14, 2015


Let us introduce ourselves…

Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy though located in Colchester Essex also covers Suffolk too. 

Our hypnotherapist has a consulting room in Colchester.

For Hypnotherapy Colchester this is the best place to help with your issues and underlying problems.

Anthony has been in practice for over a quarter of a century and has been voted among the top 10 hypnotherapists in the UK by The Independent and The Hypnotherapy Association


How it all came to be…

Following several traumas in Anthony’s life and being a single parent to two children, he is well placed to offer extended empathy and understanding of clients’ problems and well-being. 

Anthony has also seen and identified the rise in Social Anxiety and Depression in recent years and has treated thousands of clients from 3-94 years of age.

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You can get an appointment within seconds. We know we can help you and overcome the hardest of situations. It only takes one call to see a clearer future.

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All of your sessions can be recorded on a CD available for you to then proceed to with self-hypnosis and to monitor what has been discussed.

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Anthony Wilson has been treating clients for nearly 30 Years. His experience is like no other.

Nearly 30 years experience

Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy has been helping clients for nearly 30 years and has excellent expertise and knowledge in getting you results.

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Nearly 30 years of helping clients significantly improve their lives

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The Hypnotherapy Association is one of the leading hypnosis organisations supporting hypnotherapists in practice in the UK. Established in 1997 and representing more than four hundred therapists, you can be sure to find a properly qualified hypnotherapist to meet your needs, wherever you are in the UK.