Anxiety Blog Post One

As I promised earlier I would pass on to you some tips which I teach all Anxiety clients.

1. Be aware of your breathing.

Now if you are suffering at this moment you may notice that your breathing is erratic and no doubt you feel that it is out of control and along with your heart beating frantically you are panicking to know what is happening to you So now STOP ——- and control your breathing by starting a deep breath from the depths of your stomach and feeling that float up into your diaphragm, lower lungs, middle lungs and up into the top of your lungs. Then expel all this deep breath again slowly down through your body right into your stomach before repeating the action once again slowly and deeply. It is essential that you repeat this until your body calms down relaxing your diaphragm and then eventually your whole nervous system.

In Yoga, we are taught to inhale through our nose and exhale through our mouth and although you may find this uncomfortable at first, eventually you will calm your nervous system and your entire body

Next blog I will talk about practical ways to relax you.

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