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We hope all is well and your move to Essex went well for you. We wanted to drop you a line to not only thank you from bottom of our hearts for all the work you have done with Xander but to also update you on the good news. So we'll stop writing and hand the keyboard over to Xander for him to continue the email... (from Xander) Hello Anthony, I have managed to get back to school with your amazing help! I built up from lunch times, to a lesson and lunch, then the afternoon, from break and now I've completed a whole week of full days with no problems while there. I have been feeling a bit nervous at home when I get ready to go but it's turned out fine. Lots of thanks for all your help Xander. (Suzi and Jason) On another note Xander was given his class list for when he moves up into year 7 after the summer break and he will be doing so with 4 of his closest friends which is absolutely fantastic and he over the moon with this. Once again thank you so much for everything you have done to help our son and family, we will be forever grateful for your amazing help. Stay in touch, kind regards and thanks. Jason, Suzi & Xander.
Mr Anthony Wilson is one of the nicest people I/we know he saved my husbands life this would be approximately 20 years ago my husband was exhausted, overworked and could not relax he had dreadful pains in his head and thought he had a tumor with the help of Mr. Wilson and the relaxation tapes my husband had somewhere to go for comfort and they pulled him through. My first conversation with Mr. Wilson I will never forget I was desperate, his was very helpful and very caring and the only person who came back to me, my husband had complete faith in him and both of us still use the relaxation tapes to this day and we have always stayed in touch, thank you again Mr. Wilson
“I am absolutely awed by treatment I have had with Anthony. It has turned my life around, giving me much needed confidence, a life changing experience. And money well spent. The treatment was priceless. I will ever be thank full and indebted and will ever praise his work.”
I contacted Anthony because a long term inconvenience started to deteriorate. I found him friendly, reassuring and professional which immediately gave me the confidence that I could overcome my problems with his help. Every session produced an improvement backed up with the recordings for use at home. I am very grateful for the help in arresting the decline and helping me to overcome my problem. I fully recommend his work.
Before I went to see Anthony,I had become very lost within my life and felt rather helpless. I immediately felt at ease after our first session, as he made me feel hopeful towards my future. I felt comforted by the fact that not only was he going to help me, but I could see that he wanted to. There was always a true level of care through my hypnotherapy, which added to my progression along with the high level of success of the sessions and the listening of the CD’s. I feel that in terms of value for money, I could not put a price on the fact fact that he helped me to help myself, therefore was definitely worth every penny. I am now a more confident person, with the comfort of knowing I can return to my CD’s if anything difficult comes my way.We are still in touch and hope very much we always will be.

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