Anxiety Blog Post Five

5 Be aware of what you eat

Years ago I coined a phrase—” We become what we eat ” and this is most certainly true when it comes to promoting a healthy mind and body.

Research has shown that those who eat junk foods over a protracted period are likely to sustain digestive problems and mood instability which can lead to unwell feelings and increase anxieties that all is not well in your life. At times of worry and panics, this is the last thing you need.

I am not lecturing you on any specific food but while we can all eat a takeaway from time to time do bear in mind that while the majority have ingredients to attract they can also have a negative effect by overloading with excess additives which can cause health issues. As I write I have just heard of the youth who ate nothing else but a well-known take away and has now lost his sight. Of course, we all will recall what caused the premature demise of the famous pop star years ago.

So if you can limit junk foods and give your body a healthy treat with fruit you enjoy and vegetables each week you will be surprised how your digestion can improve your calmness of mind.

Worried about the cost?  Buy one apple and with what that has cost you compare it to a bag of salted crisps!

Next, I will explain a foolproof way to enhance your health of mind and body.

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