Anxiety Blog Post Two

2. Practice deep relaxation.

One of the great things I like about my job is that I teach everyone deep relaxation which once learned can enhance their daily lives and may even extend their life.

This is particularly true to help eliminate anxieties and defuse panic situations.

Endeavor to find a place that is most comfortable for you with your body supported well although for some it may even be standing up perhaps leaning against something supportive.

Then start to tense your body progressively starting from your toes and up to your ankles. Hold this tension for ten seconds or so then deliberately relax the toes and feet. Then proceed to your calf muscles and repeat. Continue through your body each section at a time while taking those deep breaths talked of last time. You may find it useful to exhale at the same time as releasing the muscles. Please do not rush this and you may find it useful to wait 10 to 20 seconds between each muscle group When you have worked through every part of your body part your lips slightly and unclench your teeth. The jaw is where tension and stress accumulate so by relaxing that, will, in turn, relax your cheeks, eyes, and temples.

Once your body has assimilated this process it will automatically start the relaxation habit and you are then able to feel stress and tension flowing from your body and mind.

Next time we will concentrate on your thoughts.

Anthony Wilson.

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