Anxiety Blog Post Three

Anxiety 3.

Control your thinking. Easier said than done I hear you say! Well if you can concentrate on a specific moment from your life then this will move your subconscious from the traumatic thoughts and relieve the panic.

I teach all my clients the ability to direct their thinking and therefore their emotions onto a special moment in their history. It may be from your childhood or even latterly, perhaps some major happy event, or a person who has brought you great joy or said something which lifted you. Recall every part of that moment, where you were, who you were with, what did you see, how did you feel. See it again, feel the happy emotions, paint a graphic and detailed memory.  Live that moment again.

Whenever I need to deeply focus my thoughts away from a negative environment I immediately find a comfortable place preferably quite and spend a few moments re-visiting  a beautiful cove  and island on the west coast of Wales ,Always a beautiful blue sky, Snowdon in the far distance, gulls calling ,sea sparkling and a warm atmosphere with nothing to disturb the tranquillity. I am concentrating solely on that special moment 20 years ago and soaking up all the positives and calming my mind.

Some practice yoga , others meditation, but whatever you call this time it can have such a great benefit .to mind and body and push away traumatic thoughts and panics.

Next, I will elaborate upon a free and successful way to raise your level of mental fitness.