Anxiety Blog Post Six

Multivitamins and minerals

Since the 1950s farmers and growers have struggled to make a decent living and endeavoured to increase the yields from their farms. Less good hummus has been put on the land and so nutrients have been lessened. Add to that. Processing of foods has meant the removal of so many essential vitamins and minerals in favour of large crops which has meant the food we eat is losing a lot of its goodness to ensure a healthy intake of essentials to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Now you may say “I eat well and only organic food as recommended by Government bodies” but do you know what your body may be lacking? If you eat a lot of yogurt, eggs or cream it may be that these acidic foods can cause a reduction in your Magnesium levels which can raise anxiety issues. Now while you may be replete in vitamin D I may be low in Magnesium.

So I and my family have taken a good Vitamin and Mineral appropriate to the age group for decades now and I am sure that while I may have lots of Vitamin C within my body whatever I may be lacking has been fortified by my intake of a daily small pill, So if I am feeling nervous about some problem perhaps my reserves of Vitamin B have risen to lessen my nervousness.

We also take an Omega 3 capsule for healthy joints and clear thinking.

If you have any doubts do discuss this with your Doctor.

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