Emotional Healing

Five Tell-Tale Signs You May Need Emotional Healing  Let’s talk about something important yet often overlooked – emotional healing. You know, it’s that process where we bounce back from a not-so-great experience in life. Just like we can’t dodge rainy days, we can’t avoid tough times either. But when our emotional health is in check, […]

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Unleash the Power of Exercise to Combat Winter Blues!

Did you know that exercise can be your secret weapon against depression? Picture this: you step out into the crisp, clean air, your heart starts to race, and the sun’s rays bathe you in their natural warmth. It’s not just an invigorating experience but a healing one too. And guess what? You can reap the

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5 Common Myths About Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders, like many other issues surrounding mental health, are often a topic of misunderstanding and confusion. Unless you’ve experienced an anxiety disorder, it’s difficult to understand exactly what’s happening inside a loved one’s mind as they struggle to find peace with their anxious feelings. There is quite a bit of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding

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Order ‘From the Hypnotist’s Chair’ Here Today!

From The Hypnotists Chair is Anthony Wilson’s third book and available now. Anthony Wilson’s latest book is about Hypnotherapy and tells of a sad event in his life which eventually brought him to becoming a renowned Hypnotherapist. It details all the history of how hypnotherapy  started hundreds of years ago and answers many questions about

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Ignatia, is a very well known homoeopathic remedy and once which is worth having in any first aid kit. The remedy is made from the seeds of the St Ignatius bean plant which was first introduced into Europe from the Far East by Spanish Jesuits in the 17th century. People needing IGNATIA are usually in

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