Ignatia, is a very well known homoeopathic remedy and once which is worth having in any first aid kit.

The remedy is made from the seeds of the St Ignatius bean plant which was first introduced into Europe from the Far East by Spanish Jesuits in the 17th century.

People needing IGNATIA are usually in an emotionally unstable state caused by grief or anxiety. The nervous system can be affected with spasms or tremors and the patient may find him or herself sighing and constantly swallowing. It is common to have the sensation of a lump in the throat that cannot be relieved by swallowing, but this sensation can be relieved by eating something. This comfort eating can lead to large weight gain in a very short time. It is a useful remedy for the initial states of grief when the patient feels a great sense of loss and disappointment.

Grief is a deep emotion and is not just associated with the death of a loved-one for instance, many people feel incontrollable grief about the ending of a relationship or the loss of some cherished ambition. In many cases, there is an element of jealousy involved when somebody else has got something that you know will never be yours. There is a real sense of loss. There is likely to be a lot of emotional instability – crying one minute and laughing the next, anger followed by anxiety. Patients will often try to suppress these emotions and this is likely to lead to physical conditions such as digestive disorders or insomnia.

It is likely that one patient will have all the symptoms of IGNATIA. Grief can be difficult to recognise, but the physical and emotional symptoms will lead you to IGNATIA.

Yours in good health, Anthony Wilson

Hypnotherapy Wiltshire