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From The Hypnotists Chair is Anthony Wilson’s third book and available now.

Anthony Wilson’s latest book is about Hypnotherapy and tells of a sad event in his life which eventually brought him to becoming a renowned Hypnotherapist. It details all the history of how hypnotherapy  started hundreds of years ago and answers many questions about its  efficacy and explains how it has helped thousands of his clients during the thirty years he has been in practice in Wales and south west England.

Although all his work is entirely confidential he has given actual case histories by using fictitious names other than two clients who were so delighted about the result that they requested their names to be released so they could tell others of the transformation in their lives.

Anthony has worked with thousands of clients from age 3 to 94 and was awarded the honour of among the top ten Hypnotherapists in Britain. His success is down to the empathic understanding of a client’s anxieties and traumas they have suffered through their lives together with the strength of their subconscious mind which is the strongest organ in our bodies…

Within the book Anthony details the many challenges he helps his clients with from anxieties to phobias insomnia, IBS , fears, panic attacks, pain and depression to name but a few. You will learn of the strict discipline he works under as a member of one of the leading hypnosis organisations the International Hypnotherapy Association and the standards the members must abide by which ensures the safety and  wellbeing of all his clients. So within these pages you should find the answers to the questions many ask. Will I be safe, can I bring a friend, will I be “out of it”, and can I be made to do anything I don’t want to, are there any side effects?

This is a must for students of modern Hypnotherapy in this century.

How to order:

Please email info@anthonywilsonhypnotherapy.com your postal address and telephone number and any delivery instructions. You should receive it within 4 to 5 days and it’s also available from Anthony Wilson’s Facebook page:


The book is 106 Pages. £ 6.95 inc’ P&P https://anthonywilsonhypnotherapy.com or call 01373 764828

Anthony was voted one of top ten hypnotherapist in Britain and is a member of the Hypnotherapy Association

For reviews of his work please visit his website 

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