Anxiety and Worries

Are you one of life’s worriers?

Well, the good news is that you are not alone with the malady, you were not born with the problem and help is at hand through the medium of Hypnotherapy.

Over almost thirty years I have been helping clients from all walks of life to overcome daily worries for the rest of their lives without the use of drugs and that in turn has improved their quality of life and health. This has often halted the decline into panic attacks and other serious ailments.

For many people, their anxieties have become so entrenched that it becomes a way of life with no apparent release. Perhaps you have experienced severe trauma or are living in a negative environment.? You may even be unaware of why anxieties suddenly overwhelm you. At that moment your subconscious mind has triggered your bodies fight or flight emergency system and in an effort to survive has endeavored to get you away from the root causes by thinking of the way out. If this way of life is not arrested then our world may become fixated and smaller until eventually, you may prefer not to travel from your home or safe environment

There are several ways to overcome the problem until your big worries become little worries and your little worries disappear allowing you to lead a positive, happy and healthy life for the rest of your life.

Over the next few week’s I will post eight tips to help you, or if you wish you can call me on 01373764828 to visit me in my local consulting room.