Accident Proness

How often do you hear people complaining ” I am so accident prone?”

Well, you may like to know you are not alone thinking you will always suffer thus and help is at hand in relaxing more and concentrating deeply through the medium of hypnosis.

I teach all my clients self-hypnosis which enables them to act with forethought, caution, and prudence in any given situation which can lead to mitigating or preventing accidents promptly. Once learned our subconscious is constantly aware of dangers and potential disasters as it is programmed for our survival rather than being a victim.

So why not use the power of your subconscious to guide you safely in the future?

Every session of Hypnotherapy is recorded onto CDs for clients to use whenever they wish and he offers a free initial consultation at his Warminster clinic.

He can be reached on 01373 764828