Fear of Flying?

AEROPHOBIA – The fear of flying

One of the most common phobias I have to help people overcome is the fear of flying.  Obviously, over the last 30 years, flying abroad has become commonplace in families’ lives, even for business people, as the global market expands.

Therefore it is very sad if a person suffers from Aerophobia as it can mean they may be prevented from wonderful holidays anywhere in the world or even the joy of meeting loved ones in remote places that only can be reached by plane.

Hypnotherapy has been used by many of my clients to a great effect and is safe and very successful to rid themselves of irrational fears for as we know flying can be safer than car travel.

If you wish to learn of just some of my cases and the joy brought to them by removing the phobia I refer you to some of my reviews which speak for themselves.

Once the fears are removed clients can enjoy the aeroplane journey for the rest of their lives and demonstrate to their families and friends a wondrous benefit flying can bestow

Having concluded each case the client has their own CDs to use whenever they wish and I teach them the skill of self-hypnosis  if they ever wish to boost their confidence whatever they may be doing,



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