Of all the help I am asked to accomplish in my daily work phobias are the most common.

There are over 300 phobias worldwide and all have different ways of affecting people’s lives and of various age groups as well. This is why I find great satisfaction in helping my clients to rid themselves of the torments their fear brings. For almost thirty years I have been privileged to witness the transformation in client’s lives from a 3-year-old girl who was phobic about toilets to an eighty-year-old who was terrified of getting her face wet

I can still recall the little 3-year-old sitting on her mother’s knee whilst listening to my voice and then eventually her pride when she said she now was happy to use the toilet. Then the joy when the grandmother could swim underwater alongside her grandchildren so fulfilling a long-held dream.

However one of the benefits of hypnosis is the long-lasting effect of my clients not just being free of their phobias but able to banish fears and anxieties from their lives and have an enhanced life within their families and society.

This is, of course, the most pleasing aspect of my work to know that they are in control of their lives and can look forward to a positive future.



Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy Wiltshire