The Magic of Hypnotherapy

Magical Hypnotherapy.

Often in my 30 years of practice, many clients have said that the result and effect of hypnosis are magical. My answer is it is all down to the strongest organ in your body which is your subconscious mind and it can achieve wonderful results most of the time.

However there is one condition that is remarkable to witness and that is Phantom Pain syndrome suffered by those who have lost a limb due to accident or illness. Whenever I am presented with a client suffering thus I take them into a deepening state of Hypnosis and eventually deeper self-hypnosis and when we have achieved this state the subconscious is made aware that the limb is no longer there and therefore cannot experience pain again in the future. Once that has happened and the mind has rationalised this fact then that phantom pain should go and of course, the client can pratise their own hypnosis whenever they wish.

Although that mind is a formidable organ it can also be irrational at certain times until it is shown that once a limb has gone it cannot hurt again.

Never underestimate the awesome power of your subconscious.!

Anthony Wilson



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