What is Tremophobia?

People often ask me if phobias can be cured in just one session as is claimed by several dubious therapists.

Very rarely does this occur and it is normally due to a person’s innate ability to embrace hypnosis, and without any or little preamble, go into a deep hypnotic state, wherein a trained therapist would place a post-hypnotic suggestion in the client’s subconscious mind that they are secure and need have no fears of a particular phobia they had presented to me. However, for most of us the process may require further work.

Take Steven (fictitious name) as an example. He was conscious of severe trembling when in the presence of others – Tremophobia. Whilst discussing his trembling, we had to look back to its origins whilst also instructing him in the preparation and art of hypnosis. Then, when he was in a comfortable state, at a further session, we then removed the root causes. In Steven’s case, this took him back to his schooldays when he was ridiculed by his headmaster for spilling a glass of orange squash which had been overfilled.   Steven was embarrassed and earned the nickname “Shaky” which hurt him greatly. Subsequently, whenever he was in company he would become fearful of shaking, which of course made him aware of himself, so he would become nervous and then shake all the more.

By the time he visited me, he would rarely socialise in his local as he felt embarrassed about trembling and spilling his beer. This then spread to his work in making tea for his colleagues and then trembling even in interviews.

Steven was in a sorry state and so I set about releasing him from the originating cause of the Tremophobia and as he progressed through several sessions, I was able to convince his subconscious that he need not shake and he could have a steady a hand as anyone.

Then all that was needed was to reduce his nervousness of going out socially, and also to interviews until he was relaxed and calm in all situations.

He then did behavior therapy showing himself that he could carry part-filled glasses and cups, then eventually full cups, until he knew the fears and phobias had completely gone.

As Steven said later, “Whatever it took, I knew I had to overcome the phobia and now I can relax always and also have more to drink, whereas before 50 percent would be spilled on the floor.”

A worthwhile result!

Yours in good health.

Hypnotherapy Wiltshire