Online hypnosis Wiltshire

Hypnotherapy online from my practice in Wiltshire.

Despite  practising Hypnotherapy for 30 years face to face, the lockdown restrictions have caused me to offer online hypnosis for all manner of conditions, including weight loss, stopping smoking to all those suffering at this time but at a distance  via online chats,  Zoom, Whats App or telephone.  

Many throughout the country are in lockdown and suffering from isolation, depression eating disorders, anxieties, insomnia and relationship problems which I have been dealing with thousands of these continually with great success and always in strictest confidence. 

As usual I provide a free initial consultation for half an hour and if we go ahead then the remaining time will be teaching you self hypnosis which can be given as  a CD  or sent online and you can use in your home to assist  recovery.

Sessions will last up to an hour and are  available on line, via YouTube or onto your phone and cost £50 which includes your recording.

To access help and for further information go to  or ring 01373764828 . We will call you back if you can suggest a good time  for you to receive a call with no committent.

Anthony was voted one of top  ten hypnotherapist in Britain and is a member of the Hypnotherapy Association

For reviews of his work please visit his website 

Yours in good health.

Hypnotherapy Wiltshire