New Kid on the Block


Anthony Wilson has relocated his renowned Clinical Hypnotherapy practice after almost 30 years in South West Wales to Wiltshire and Somerset to be closer to his family.

After 5 years of study, he achieved the gold standard in hypnosis when he was voted one of the top ten in Britain and continues as a member of the prestigious Hypnotherapy Association

He has worked with age groups from 3 to 94 always using extended empathy and developing in his clients a Positive Mental Attitude. This, in turn, reduces anxieties, dispels bad habits and overcomes fears and phobias which then can lead to a healthier lifestyle in mind and body. These results are obtained without the use of drugs and in many cases, the client may find reduced drug dependency always with their doctor’s guidance.

So whether a client has fears of Public speaking or relationship problems or low self-esteem Anthony is always on hand with advice and encouragement teaching everyone the skill of Self Hypnosis. Insomnia and driving tests respond well to hypnotic intervention.

Every session of Hypnotherapy is recorded onto CDs for clients to use whenever they wish and he offers a free initial consultation at his Warminster clinic.

He can be reached on 01373 764828