Hypnotherapist Code of Conduct

Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy Wiltshire Undertakes The Hypnotherapy Association Code of Conduct.

Whenever you look for a Hypnotherapist always ensure they are governed by a reputable Association who promotes strict guidelines and codes of conduct. As a member of the Hypnotherapy Association, Anthony Wilson Hypnotherapy Wiltshire undertakes:

  1. To provide treatment consistent with a diligent duty of care and within their knowledge, competence, and experience.
  2. To hold Public Liability & Treatment Risk Insurance.
  3. To recommend, where the patient’s condition is suspected to have a physical basis or cause, that the patient/client should seek medical advice first.
  4. To maintain strict confidentiality during and after treatment.
  5. To obtain permission from the client before the audio or video recording of any part of a session can take place.
  6. Never to use their position of trust and confidence to exploit the client in any way whatsoever.
  7. Should any irregularity arise with the client/therapist relationship to immediately consult with the Professional Standards Officer of the Management Committee of the Association, and where appropriate to cease treatment and/or refer the client to another therapist.
  8. To complete courses of treatment in every case at the earliest possible opportunity.
  9. To take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the client and those accompanying them.
  10. To ensure that rooms and other facilities to be used for hypnotherapy and/or associated practice are suitable for such purpose.
  11. Never to use hypnosis before spectators where the intended or expected outcome is the demeaning of the hypnotised and/or other people for the amusement of others, and where hypnotherapy is demonstrated to an audience to immediately desist if aforesaid amusement begins to come about.
  12. To keep any interest or activity involving stage hypnosis as totally separate from hypnotherapeutic work, such that no connection to the name of the Association or profession can be inferred, unless such activity shall constitute research specifically approved and passed by the Research and Ethics Boards of the Association.
  13. To be aware that certain techniques of hypnosis may be unethical or inappropriate for certain patients, and to be judicious in the use of such techniques.
  14. To conduct themselves, at all times, in accord with their status and never to do anything that might bring hypnotherapy, the UK Hypnotherapy Register or The Hypnotherapy Association into disrepute.