Whilst there are a few people who have experienced aeroplane journeys that might have been unsettling, there are so many of us that know flying is one of the safest forms of transport, with countless millions of passengers being conveyed safely each year. Indeed, it is said that flying is safer than driving! Why, then, do I have so many asking for a cure from fear of flying?

It comes down to the root causes of a phobia, which maybe physical i.e. a turbulent flight; mental i.e. a thought planted in one’s mind by a person relating to a bad flight; emotional i.e. the belief that I cannot tolerate a confined space, or I have no control over the plane myself; or irrational i.e. if I cannot fly, then how can that heavy load lift off the ground?

Take Christopher for example (fictitious name). He presented to me in distress because he suffered from Aerophobia following a friend of his relating a difficult flight he had from Germany.   At first Chris rationalised with the story and felt he could overcome all fears of flying, so he booked a flight to Switzerland and believed all would be well. However, during the flight, even though he tried to be rational, his mind became agitated and he convinced himself that the plane would crash. As he left the plane, the feelings did not subside and so he spent the next week in a tense state with the realisation that he would have to fly back to the UK.

Eventually, having spoilt his holiday, he refused to board the plane believing that he was doomed this time, so he had to return to the UK via train, ferry and coach.

In hypnosis I asked his subconscious mind to rationalise his fears and realise just how safe flying really was. You see, on one hand he believes that few accidents happen to planes, and on the other hand, some flights may be a bit “bumpy”.

Little by little his subconscious mind was coached to be rational and that Chris can be safer in a plane than in many other forms of transport.

I asked the subconscious mind to tell us when it was ready to accept Chris to be safe and secure. Eventually, his subconscious mind accepted that Chris was safe to board a plane, so he booked a short flight to Spain.

I asked Chris to take a hypnotic tape we prepared for him on his journey to Spain. This calmed him consciously and subconsciously whilst in the air, and strengthened him in the knowledge that all would be well.

He reported that he had actually enjoyed the flight, but the bonus was that he demonstrated to his grandchildren who accompanied him, that flying is safe so allaying any fears that they may have had, so hopefully the whole family will be able to always enjoy flying.