What is hypnotherapy?

Perhaps to start, it is easier to say what hypnotherapy is not. It is not a loss of consciousness but rather a change in awareness as when we become immersed in a good book or some enjoyable pursuit. It is not being controlled by another as stage hypnosis may imply. In therapeutic hypnosis, the client …

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Whilst there are a few people who have experienced aeroplane journeys that might have been unsettling, there are so many of us that know flying is one of the safest forms of transport, with countless millions of passengers being conveyed safely each year. Indeed, it is said that flying is safer than driving! Why, then, …

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Stress Management

STRESS MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Ten Points to Help STOP STRESS   S   TART to be aware. Once you’re aware of the problem, you can then begin to do something about it to bring control back.   T   AKE on a different attitude. It’s not what happens to you that counts, it’s your reaction to it. If …

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